There’s not too much to say about this one, apart from just re-styling the site. I did this mostly to reacquaint myself with the site, as well as blog posting in general. I’m unfortunately terrible with anything that required creativity, which explains the design, but I’ll be damned if I can’t find good design and steal draw inspiration from it.

I’m currently working on an incremental/idle style game while I learn the basics of Unity. While there will probably not be any 3D to it, there really should be. It’s currently entirely done with the 2D UI system that’s bundled with Unity. I’m looking to write a couple of posts about the design, or how I build certain things (like progress bars) while I go through it. I’m also planning on hosting it on Kongregate, since that seems to be the mecca of online idle games.

The site is powered by Jekyll and is hosted one Github. I’m using it to teach myself basic site design, HTML, CSS, markdown, etc. I even used Kramdown to get the table of contents working! How fun.